AD&D rules can be used to run games in the present day, or have people/items incorporated into an AD&D campaign, this is possible due to Spelljammer and Planar travel. Note that while sci-fi weapons are terribly destructive, most of them can't harm creature only hurt by magical weapons! The exceptions to this are explosive and energy weapons (laser, phaser and plasma and even then it's at the Dm's discretion), but explosives won't effect non-corporeal creatures. Other problems exist such as sounds causing cave-ins and that when someone caryring lots of ammunition is hit by a Fireball, there ammo may explode if they fail their saving throw...

  These tables have items, weapons and such divided into categories and prices. Prices are only approximate, especially since it's dealing withthe future! DMs should rule on types of weapons: exact ammo capacity and cost, the better they are, the more expensive they become.

  When using firearms, they often have two modes of fire, single shot and full automatic. Full automatic weapons have a tremendous recoil, this imposes a -4 attack penalty. And firing "from the hip", fast shooting generally used in close quarter fighting, inflicts a further -4 hit penalty, shooting is always considered "from the hip" unless the characters are at ranges greater than 20 yards, or if they state, or have time to aim properly. So someone firing full auto without taking time to aim gets a -8 penalty to hit! But the amount of bullets fired tends to guarantee a hit...

  Note that conventional armour (and thus most creature's armour class due to thick hides, except dragons, bulettes and similar with truly dense hides) is of no use against these inherently armour piercing weapons, and they are considered AC 10. However, Dexterity, cover, and magic all apply as normal.

  Reloading a weapon takes 1 round.


Rail Guns: are projectile weapons that use an electric charge to accleerate a projectile to enormous velocities. Even the smallest version can punch through over a foot thick reinfoced concrete! However they cannot fire very fast, but are cheap and reliable. They have no recoil. There are rail cannons, but due to nature of operation rail guns have long barrels, cannon versions are too long for human use.


Rate of Fire

Full Auto ROF



Weight Cost
Rail Gun Pistol (about the size of a modern 9 mm pistol) 2/5/10 3 - 2d10 30 2 lbs $500
Rail Gun Shotgun (fires a special round that releases a cloud of fletchettes that spreads out horizontally, hyper sonic darts) 10/-/- 3 - 3d8, everyone in a 10' wide path is attacked 30 3 lbs $1,000
Rail Gun Carbine (about the size of a cut down M16) 10/20/503 3 - 3d10 40 5 lbs $2,000
Rail Gun Sniper Rifle (somewhat larger than a modern siper rifle) 50/100/15003 3 - 4d10 30 10 lbs $5,000
LIM Guns: Linear Induction Mass drivers, more complex than rail guns, they use magnetic forces to propel projectiles, however they are capable of automatic fire, but are more expensive and not quite so powerful. They produce very little recoil, so on full auto they only get a -2 attack penalty.
WEAPON Range Rate of Fire Full Auto ROF Damage Magazine Weight Cost
LIM pistol 2/5/10 5 20 1d12 40 2 lbs $2,000
LIM Carbine 10/20/50 5 20 2d8 60 3 lbs $5,000
LIM Assault Rifle 15/30/1000 5 20 2d10 80 5 lbs $10,000
LIM Cannon (like a shoulder fired rocket launcher except it fires solid shells, used against light armoured vehicles of it's era, but could take out a modern day tank) 50/100/150 5 - 10d10 40 20 lbs $50,000
LIM minigun (one of the most devastating weapons available, only used by special forces) 15/30/100 - 50 2d10 5,000 60 lbs $100,000
LASERS and PHASERS: Energy weapons, they can function in space, as they have neither recoil or friction (which screws up nearly every other weapon type). Also simple to use and easy to maintain,and no environmental problems, hence they are comon. However, energy can be redirected (see ablative armour), and they have poor range in atmospheres (ranges are tripled in space) as the beam is absorbed and thus they do have weaknessess. The do have the ability to stun their victims, rather than kill, by chamging the setting, the weapon merely causes bad sunburn but the shock to the nervous system causes stun damage equal to half the weapon's normal damage.
Phasers are pulsed phasing plasma inducing weapons that create a plasma shockwave through the target, frequently blowing it apart! Phasers are in all regards similar to lasers, but they inflict an extra 2 hp per die of damage, and cost twice as much.
WEAPON Range Rate of Fire Full Auto ROF Damage Magazine Weight Cost
Laser Pistol 3/6/9 5 - 2d8 50 1 lbs $500
Laser Carbine 5/10/15 5 - 3d8 100 2 lbs $1,000
Laser Rifle 7/14/21 5 - 4d8 200 5 lbs $2,000
Laser Cannon 10/20/30 5 - 10d12 100 20 lbs $20,000
PLASMA GUNS: they fire bolts of highly charged particles, extremely deadly, they have a major problem in that the plasma is badly affected by surrounding atmosphere and other factors, hence the man portable versions have poor ranges.
Plasma Pistol 2/4/- 5 - 2d10 30 2 lbs $1,000
Plasma Carbine 4/8/- 5 - 3d10 30 3 lbs $5,000
Plasma Rifle 6/12/- 5 - 4d10 30 7 lbs $10,000
Plasma Cannon (these not only are used against amoured vehicles, but their plasma bolt expands on impact, incinerating those nearby) 8//16/- 5 - 10d12 in 10' diameter (surrounding victims get save vs Breath Weapon for 1/2 damage 30 30 lbs $50,000
Gamma Laser: similar in all respects to a laser weapons, they have the dreadful effect of causing severe chromosomal damage, victims must save vs Poison or permanently lose 1d4 Constitution! Also, ablative armour has no effect against the beam as it goes straight through it x 10 that of similar laser weapon
Disgel: a small pistol weapon that squirts a dreadful enzyme that dissolves flesh! It has no effect on items not made of flesh so called or lucky shots are needed to hit those in armour. 2/3/6 3 - 6d10, save vs Breath Weapon for half 15 1 lbs $2,000
Nanobyters: nanobots designed to tear flesh apart at the molecular level! Since they are controlled by programming the little horrors can be used as booby traps (attacking or leaving only who you want). Damage is typically 20 hp/round for 10 rounds, only burning the victim, or the use of appropriate software or countermeasures can help. Generally banned and regarded with the similar disgust as bio-weapons. Unknown (a lot!)
Psi-Amp: a psionic amplifier, these prized devices increase psionicists abilities, or let an ordinary prson function as if they had a Wild Talent. In effect, they double the amount of PSPs a true psionicist has. They are small items often worn on the forearm or head. Rarer versions can double the user's number of sciences or devotions as well. $50,000

$500,000 for "super" version

WEAPON Range Rate of Fire Full Auto ROF Damage Magazine Weight Cost
Grenade, Fragmentation (these are only 2" across!) 2/4/6 2 - 7d6 in 15' radius - 1/10 lb $50
Grenade, Plasma (releases incredible heat) 1/2/3 1 - 10d6 in 25' radius - 1lb $1,000
Grenade, Demolition (a grenade that doesn't produce much shrapnel but has a heavy charge for blowing up buildings, could destroy a 20th century tank, has a timer as well for detonation) 1/2/3 1 - 20d4 in 30' radius - 2 lb $2000
ROCKETS: advanced rockets all have guidance systems, they have a THAC0 of 5, but can be decoyed etc, they normally track targets as set by their operator's cybernetic or targetting systems .
Arm Pack (unit of 3 missiles that clips onto forearm) 10/20/50 3 - 30d2 direct hit, 5d4 in 15' radius 3 unit: 1/2 lbs missiles: 1/2 lb $5,000 ($500 per missile)
Back Pack (unit in a small rigid backpack, they fire up, and then curve over the operator to track the target) 20/50/150 1 - 30d2 direct hit, 5d4 in 15' radius 50 Unit=1 lbs Missiles=1/2 lb $10,000 ($500 per missile)
Anti Vehicle Rocket ( a shoulder fired unit with a magazine, capableof taking out a 20th century destroyer never mind a tank!) 100/500/2000 1 - 100d4 direct hit, 14d4 in 50' radius 1 Unit=10 lbs rockets=1 lbs $20,000 $1,000 per missile)


Future body armours are designed to resist armour piercing attacks such as bullets, and to disperse the energy, reducing damage inflicted, but damage cannot be lowered beyond 1 hp. It cannot be repaired without access to a special workshop, it must be replaced after sustaining damage (i.e. if a character is injured more than once in a battle he must get new armour, or it's abilities will decrease at the DM's discretion)
Ablative armour is specifically designed to deal with laser and phaser weapons, partially reflecting or redirecting the attack, abalative armour costs double, but it increases AC versus lasers and phasers by +4.

Armour Type AC Damage Reduction Weight Cost
Light Body Armour (as typically worn by police officers) 4 - 6 hp 5 lbs $500
Medium Body Armour (this is worn by police, SWAT teams) 2 -12 hp 10 lbs $1,000
Heavy Body Armour (used by the military) 0 -18 hp 20 lbs $5,000
Advanced Armour (only special forces or the very rich have access to it) -2 -24 hp 10 lbs $100,000


  These are bio-mechanical improvements to the person's body. Each improvement has a certain rating, major improvements can increase that person's Strength, Dexterity, Constitution and Intelligence by boosting the body in many ways, and adding increased mental processing. These proceedures takes 1 week to recover from per level of the improvement. Only some of the miriad enhancements are detailed. Note that Characters must have an original Strength of 10 and Constitution of 13 or better to have cybernetics fitted legally, below that there is a danger of death by over taxing the body (in other words the character must roll a Constituion check or die!)
   However, there is a serious side effect of all this: cyber-psychosis. Due to changes in the nervous system, and personality as they are now "super human", the character loses either 1 point of Wisdom or Charisma per level of the improvement! (Random chance of either). Whenever a person's Wisdom or Charisma gets to 5 or lower, they become cyber-psychotic, and generally become homicidal. Such characters then become NPCs under control of the DM. Cyber-psychosis can be overcome by spending 1 day per month in cybertherapy, this restores the character's Wisdom and Charisma to their previous levels. It is not a permanent cure, and statistics will lower by a random amount (1d4) per month not attended at the clinic, there are generally laws enforcing treatment in most cultures.

Improvement Level Cost
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 18 (00) 1 $10,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 19 2 $20,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 20 3 $40,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 21 4 $80,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 22 5 $160,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 23 6 $320,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 24 7 $640,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 24 8 $1,280,000
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence to 25 9 $2,560,000
Poison Filter, filters out toxins giving +4 saves and damage/duration is halved 1 $10,000
Targetting system, replaces eyes, automatically links to any weapons used, including guided ones. Gives +4 hit, (not in conjunction with telescopic sight), zoom, thermal, low light vision 1 $10,000
In built computer with modem, allows computation/Web connection, these sytems have levels, similar to a Wizard in terms of their skill, so a typical home computer would be 3-5th level, a coporate's main frame would be 12 th level and so on. Tasks can be assigned according to the computer's level, generally 5% chance of succes per level. Special software can also be bought, but the level of the software cannot exceed that of the character's actual computer. 1 5th level=$10,000
10th level=$100,000 15th level=$1,000,000
Communication systems, similar in costs, skill levels to the in built computer and modem, this allows multi-band, multi-tasking with full audio, visual, satellite links, and Web capabilities. Often used by news teams and reporters.
Razor knuckles, titanium inserts imbedded in back of the hand, they extend on desire, allowing vicious slashing or punching attacks, they inflict 1d4+2 damage, plus strength 1 $1,000
Body Armour, built into the peron's skin, this acts exactly like the types of armour mentioned above, but costs ten times as much. It does however repair itself over time. 1 light
2 medium
3 heavy
4 advanced
x 10 standard armour cost
Shock touch, the person's hands become capable of inflicting heavy voltage shocks by touch. Damage is 1d8+6, and maybe used 3 times per day. 1 $5,000
Cyber-psychosis treatment. This generally takes 1 day, but is expensive. Although the basic cost is $100 per point that has been lost, folk who have deep trouble (ie many lost points) may be charged more. It should be noted that folk who become cyber-psychotic often have their enhancments removed to let them get back to normal, the parts are sold to pay for the surgery and therpay of others. - $100 dollars per point that has been lost.

Telescopic sight When fitted to a rifle, and used with semiautomatic fire, it gives a +4 hit bonus, has video camera and record/transmit/recieve ability. Also thermographic and low light ability. 1 lb $100
"bug" there are numerous types of spying devices, ranging from fibre optic intercepts tiny video cameras mounted on insects. These are rated as per Level, as if they were thieves, so a high level one, level 10, as would be used by the FBI for instance, has the same chance to remain undetected as a 10th level thief. The chance to hear something of value as per Detect Noise is 5% per level, unless the DM has specific chances. tiny $50 per level
Reciever for bug Bugs must transmit their information in some way, these are video/radio recievers 1 lb $200