Fantasy Campaign Setting: Intro
This is a fantasy campaign setting suitable for 3rd Edition D&D, designed by myself, based on the world in my novel. Started 16/02/2003 Updated last 16/07/2005 NOTES: Maps are very large files, and open in new windows, they are so large as to allow printing of fine details. Other images are usually 800x600 and 250k approx.. Maps created using Campaign Cartographer Pro2, from ProFantasy Software. This is an ongoing creation so if documents etc are incomplete, come back from time to time :)
  Over five thousand years ago, a terrible war devasted the entire world. The Necronian Wars are now a horrible memory to some, a night-time whispered horror to most. Vast areas were devastated, and some still remain poisonous, or worse, to this day. However, despite more than nine-tenths of life having been wiped out, civilization has returned, though it faces many dangers.
  With the return of knowledge, magic has flourished in some places. Adventurers loot ancient battle sites for stupendous wealth...but few return alive from the old war grounds...
  Erynavar is not a normal world such as we on Earth live on-- it is a Gate World, one of the Pillars of Creation, it serves as a link to many Universes. Because of this, magic and strange abberations of the normal laws are common. While lands can be roughly mapped, what they can't show is that a seemingly small valley maybe hundreds of miles long, while it should only be two or three. Whole continents exist in improbable places that are reached by daring captains or crafty wizards. Overhead, two great moons circle: Gealach--white with beautiful rings, and Dhuin, a vast dark shadow. Those in the Equitorial regions can see the "Green Pearls of Relarn", a glittering swathe of green coloured moonlets...the remains of a moon destroyed in the hideous Necronian Wars. Some daring souls say a strange red, prism-shaped moon stands over the far, mysterious South polar regions.
  The great kingdoms of the past are gone, now legionaries in the Messenik Empire, wizards form Alba, slavers from Kalik, traders from the Aschentium Merchant Guild, honorable knights from the Algandian Empire (the last relic of the ancient lands), all these and more strive, fight, live, explore, and die!
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