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I've painted many miniatures for my (A)D&D gaming over the years, as of 2007,
I've been taking new pics of them, and adding them here.

Latest Update: Lord of the Rings section, 04-08-2008

A lot are quite old, now: Grenadier, Ral Partha for 2nd Ed AD&D, RAFM, Reaper Minis and others.
Note these pages have lots of large images!
Wizard pic

I've been painting off and on for nearly 20 years, so, some of my earlier work sucks, lol! I stripped and repainted many minis, but have many, many more waiting to be painted...artistic labour of Sysphus! ;)

I usually base coat my minis with white, as I dislike the dingy, dark look black undercoat tends to give, and paint them with Games Workshop acrylics, and do shading with inks and washes. The bases are Games Workshop, or wood I've cut, flocked, painted Goblin Green highlighted yellow.

Edit: currently using Bubonic Brown for bases now, looks better! It's a sort of sandy colour, from Citadel paint line.

I'll try and note what manufaturer made eachone, but a lot I don't recall, sorry!
I bought a lot of minis from "The Dragon and George" in Parnie Street, Glasgow, they had a range from a German maker who won't bust, can't recall their name., so I'll just note them as "German".