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various bits of dungeon scenery etc.

"You don't want to be going there! That be haunted, that be!"
Arcane Ruins #1

June 2008
First miniature painted in several years :)

Arcane Ruins #10
Arcane Ruins #9
Arcane Ruins #7
Arcane Ruins #1
Arcane Ruins #2
Arcane Ruins #3
Arcane Ruins #4
Arcane Ruins #5
Arcane Ruins #6



June 2008
2nd model I painted after return to painting :)


Not finished in full, these shots



From tips from folks on ENworld, and hunting through Ebay, I bought some nice stuff for my D&D games :)

  • Trees form model rialway, "green puttied" to gamesworkshop bases.
  • Stalagmites, pit traps, trap doors from Fantasy Forge, old, no longer made, resin models.
  • medieval Furniture fromDwarven Forge (tables/chairs)
  • Mage Knight Dungeon Artifacts #2, fountains pools etc.
  • And the hologram is from 1986, Nestle shreddies, which is mine ;)
  • Gelatinous cube is mine, form WOTC miniatures.
  • Height marker, can't recall where from though.
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