Many people, when seeing the word "Paranormal" sneer, laugh, or hide behind the mask society has told them they must show around such things, or risk being laughed at themselves, and that anyone who believes in such must be ignorant, stupid or crazy.
Actually, I've always loved science, but I've never been so damned arrogant or stupid as to think we mere Mortals know anything but a blip, a fraction, of this ancient, vast Universe. I've seen way too much strange stuff to consider the world "simple and mechanical". This Universe is not clockwork.
  Here I'll talk of those things I've personally experienced, and are in chronological order.

  1. An eerie place
  2. UFO sighting, Moffat, Scotland, 1981
  3. Dreams of Premonition
  4. Spirit of "Good"
  5. Spirit of "Evil"


Many folk have encountered a place that gives them the "heebeejeebees", hehe ;) It is mostly fear of unknown, fear due to old legends and myths, fear due to what other people tell you, and such like. Sometimes though, it's not so simple.

When I was a kid, about 8 or so, a great friend took me a long walk through the beautiful woods near our town, gorgeous place! But at one place, I got a terrible feeling of fear, being a kid, only thing I could associate such a feeling of dread with was "vampires", from film etc, I remember that quite vividly.

Of course kids do get such fancies, but this was different.

There's nothing very unusual about the place I mention, I don't want to describe in case I bias anyone who tries to examine the area. There are no objects, no legends, nothing as to why it such give such a feeling, because it's not just me, many people have experienced the same creepiness.
There is an old graveyard nearby for family pets, from 1700 to 1800s, of the noble family who's land it was on, but, this graveyards in opposite direciton, quite some distance away, and has no bad associations with it, quite the reverse.

It's outdoors, so no odd draughts, electrical fields or whatever.

So, just a bad, lingering childhood fancy? What of the other people though? People can take frights in the solitary surroundings of forest, but...why that spot? Why haven't other areas given me such a eerie feeling? I've been in lots of forests and woods, so why only that place? I honestly don't know. I do not believe it's as simple as chidlhood fright lingering, other areas as a kid have bad associations to me, but don't give me the creeps!

There could be a mundane reason, but I can't think of one that makes sense.

2) UFO sighting, Moffat, Scotland, 1981

Moffat is a beautiful, small town in the hills of the Borders of Scotland. A truly lovely area :) It was and maybe still is, heavily used by the RAF and American airforce for low fly training, so it was common to see Tornadoes and other craft whizzing above at only a hundred foot above your head, hehe.

One night, we were staying therewith a friend, I was a young teenager at the time, along with my mother, her friend and daughter. Their home was in the bottom of the valley, which is about 600 yards across at bottom, 600' to 1000' high hillsides, the valley is long and very sinous. I can't recall the exact day or month, just that it was a perfectly still, clear night, no clouds, warm but not hot.
Some commotion outside made us go out to look...

A UFO was flying around.
Not what you'd expect to see! Many people had come out to see it, animals were barking, or excited by the thing. It was a dark object, triangular in section, that is, through the side, it had glowing lights on each of it's three apexes, if I recall correctly, one was blue and I think the other two white.
It occluded the stars behind it, so I knew it was a solid object. It made no sound. It didn't hover like a helicopter, which shake and vibrate a lot, this thing could hover dead still, no downdraft (which is ferocious with a helicopter, no trees or such were being affected), and it moved a round in a very smooth, graceful manner, completely unlike any vehicle in the air I have ever seen then or since.

then it was joined suddenly by 2 more of it's ilk, which just seemed to come down from way up high. These things then flew around, in an area roughly 200' to 800' above us, quite a small area across the valley like maybe a circle 600 yards or so across, horizontally.
They could speed up from standstill to incredible speed and be across the far side of the valley in a split second, and stop dead. That is IMPOSSIBLE. They could do right angled turns, IMPOSSIBLE for any flying vechile we know, or any damn thing of mass, to do. They must have been going MACH4 or so at times, by rough guess by end of those sprints, but no sound.

One hovered between two very large trees, for some time, giving me a good distance and rough size of the vehicle. the first tree was about 250 to 300 yards away, next was 600 to 700 yards away. Trees were massive 80'+ or so high. the vehicle hovered up near the height of the closer tree but beyond it a bit, so it must have been some 30' to 40' long. As said, triangular in section, now because it was black and seemed to reflect no light what so ever, I can't tell any detail, it may have been more complex than merely triangular, but it's shape could only be seen by what it passed in front or behind of.

Not long after this, all three vehicles flew up into the sky, and vanished. The performance had went on for a good 20+ minutes. Most of the town had seen it, lot of folk of course wouldn't talk about it afterward to avoid being laughed at. Similar strange things were seen all across Southern Scotland that night, as I recall it was on the news and in the Dumfries newspapers.

What was it? well I can assure you, no bloody aircraft I have ever seen can or COULD fly like that, it's beyond known abilities. So, it was either some super secret military craft with a power source and propulsion way beyond anything our entire science knows about, or it was an alien vehicle, or something totally beyond our ken.

The Border region there area is a fault zone, so folk may come up wit the "oh it was magnetic fields causing delusion" stuff, which I regard that as utter crap. Not only was this seen by folk seperated by a mile or more apart, it was seen across 150 miles of land. The magnetic force needed to induce delusions is apparently 15,000 times+ the Earth's magnetic field strength. A force THAT powerful over an area THAT big would have caused absolute damn havoc and stood out like a sore thumb, there should heve been aurora, electricla discharges, things being magnetized etc if such a field existed. But, no, no such things occured.

The faults in the Borders are weak anyway, producing no more than 3 on the Richter scale and the like every dozne years maybe. Most Humans liv eon or near fault lines! They cause the geogrpahy we like and exploit. So if UFO's are caused by "fault lines" then every bugger along the Pacific RIng of Fire should have seen several! ;)

Everyone saw the *same damn thing*, folk AND animals, were all following the same points in the sky as I was, I looked...if folk were delusional, and imagining this, how the hell could they and many animals look at same areas in sky, over such a large sized area, AND have the exact same story?

Oh and I had binoculars, so I had a damn good look at it all.

Nor could it have been a mirage. no wavering, perfectly clear, small object, high speed, no distortion etc.

I do not regard this as "paranormal", it had no feeling of "the unnatural" to me, it was a "UFO sighting", maybe one day we'll find out what it was, but I believe it was a thing of the ordinary world, just not something we understand as yet.

I didn't find it at all scary, jsut deeply intriguing and positive.

Have a look at the Belgian UFO scares of late 80s and 90s. They had a UFO on 3 groudn radar and 2 fighter aircraft's radar, etc. UFO's are real, but what they are, is another matter.


Now, I can't be exactly sure when I started having these, early teens but not exact date.

I keep having dreams where I see things, exactly as I see them normally, through my eyes, but of things I do and see in the future. These are NOT "deja vu", these are literal things which occur precisely as I see them, and when it's say, a news item on the TV, I sure as hell can't have deja vu about a specific event in a foreign country!

These dreams are also very...difficult, unlike other dreams, they stick out. I'll try and explain this as best as I can:

Normal events have an order, a causality to them, cause and effect, the flow of time. A door opens, a person appears, and welcomes you...you expect and have no problem with the normal flow of events. But when it's not expected, it is very upsetting, for example, a black car seems to come from nowere on a dark night and scares the hell out of you, though you were in little or no danger. This is because you didn't expect the car, it wasn't seen due to dark night, so the jarring of your normal sensibilities is shocking.

Premonitions have a similar very jarring feel to them. To me, they feel like a "mental concept made of spiky steel wires, that your brain doesn't want to touch, and rolls around in your mind trying to make sense of it"

These dreams made me realize that our minds works with "mental concepts", a car for example, is not the words "car", in our minds, a "car" is a complex mental construct. I imagine these like the shape of a virus, a central body surrounded by many spikey attachments: the "car" is in the centre, and all the things we associated with "car", such as "travel", "petrol", "trips", "speed" etc, are attached to it and form "hooks" we use to link it to other mental constructs, to build our understanding of the world.

Each item links to another by the "hooks", buidling up a complex web of udnerstanding, not mere dry facts! Our memories/thoughts are NOT like sheets of paper, but incredibly complex, changing webs.

So these dreams of premonition are "uncomfortable" because they do not have the "hooks" properly associated with them, because they lack a sense of time and place etc. For example, you see a newspaper in a dream, with some important news event. Even though it says "LOCKERBIE BOMBING" on the front cover and shows the picture, you cannot understand it, because it lacks any sense of normal menaing or comprehension, you didn't go into a shop, you didn't see the newsaper, you didn't buy it....therefore it's "alien", you cannot really graps it even though you should be able to.

Things which are outside the normal timestream, the normal flow of events, are excruciatingly difficult to comprehend, no matter how simple they are.

Most of these dreams were mundane, like opening the fridge to ge tmilk, meeting a friend etc. Some though were of disasters and upsetting events etc. Most vivid one I recall was the Lockerbie Bombing
I told my friends what I had seen 2 weeks before it had happened, I just didn't know WHAT I had seen meant or where it was: fire, flames dark night, a busy road, houses.
When it came on the TV that terrible night, the TV showed the exact scene, of the burning houses.

Now I have ME/CFS a nasty illness which ruins your sleep, amongst many other things, the sleep distrubance is one of it's major sysmptoms, but has also messed up my "future" dreams, I rarely have them now, or, maybe I just don't remember them so much, I dont' know.
For weeks before the Boxing Day Tsunami, I had dream after dream of dams breaking, floods, towns washed away...I think I was seeing the tsunami, and vague memories of it were triggering off more normal dreams based off the horror.

9/11 I had a dream that didn't make sense untilit occured in reality: I saw a tiny (sized) movie on the Internet of a plane crashing into a building, the 9/11 attacks...I thought it was a clip from a new Spider Man movie or something because I simply couldn't make any sense of it.

My pals knew these things weren't a joke as I was right time and time again.

Very difficult to live with that stuff, I wondered if time was set in stone and we couldnt' change our own fate, our own path. But I had a few dreams where things went...soft, bendable, fuzzy in the middle, hard to describe, it was showing that although maybe the start and end of a series of events couldnt' be changed, MY actions could be changed :)

From all this, I personally believe that our minds can exist outside Time, maybe they exist in some weird quantum state, where time doesn't exist, there is no past or future, it's all a jumble and can be seen at whim?

I'm Scots, and there's a lot of this kind of ability about, but most folk simply don't want to talk about it. Some of Louis L'Amour's "Sackett" books describe incidents of the "Second Sight",so I believe many people have such experiences, but it's not talked about much, alas.


One night when I was about 13, there was a strange presence in our house, there was a smell like lavender and roses. Wondering what was going on I investigated with my Mum, who was in a right state about this.

Best as I can describe it, there was a presence, it radiated watmth and love, compassion and understanding, there was no ego, no room for hate or harm, just mind blowingly..."good". Kindess, love, understanding :)

Now, my family isn't religious or superstitious in the normal sense of the uses. Lot of my family are Mormon, some are atheists, some Protestant of various types, but we sure aren't ignorant or zealots.
Even though we come from a working class family, reading and learning were a big thing, and, even the "religious" folks weren't extreme or overt, or obnoxious about it. Faith was important: concern for others love, love of life, and kindly humour, but not "churchiness" if you know what I mean? We had a spiritual outlook but not "blind sheep", dogmatism or the damn sectarian crap that is such a blight across Scotland and Ireland

oh there were a couple of nitwits, every family has some, hehe, but in general, that sort of stuff was NOT liked or encouraged, neither ignorance, stupidity or sectarianism. Our folks have friends and distant family from every race creed and colour under the Sun. Life is so *precious*.

So, I am not going to call this thing "God," or the "Holy Spirit" (though I think that's closest to what it may have been), because everybody's bloody religion wants to own and control everything....well, tough luck, sunshines, you do NOT CONTROL THESE POWERS!!! NO BUGGER ON EARTH CONTROLS THESE!!

Jeesh, these things are so...beyond us, it's like 2 flees arguing over which of them owns the man who owns the dog the two fleas live on, lol!! ;)

This thing was of absolute GOOD, it meant only weil to all, and was amazing :) But ,these things are oh, dangerous, because you see aferwards in stark clarity how much of what we Humans do is such pathetic, sad, shabby crap, we don't live up to what we really are. You can't stand the lies, the cruelty, the bullshit, the hate, and it makes it hard to live with such. :(

I believe in "God" and that "God" is "good", but what those words mean, who/what God is....beyond us, we just put our OWN beliefs on such things.
You want to believe in God and Jesus, Yaweh and Moses, Allah and Muhammed, Ahura Mazda and Zoroaster, Odin or Tyr, Queatzacoatl, or whatever....hey, fine by me, people see these things through what their own eyes will let them see!!! You can't own or control them, people will see in them what their own hearts chose to let in.

But there is no bloody room in "Good" for hate, murder, wicked lies, religions controlling people and "Owning God", and all the other crap. God is, the rest is people


Theis was a few years after the encounter with "Good". We'd moved into a new house. A friend of ours had been talking about spirits and mediums and getting involced in such. Now, frankly I know most such stuff is flim-flam, and that most pagans are not evil-doers and the other malarky nitwits accuse of them of. I'm sure "God" would rather someone was a good pagan or atheist, than a lousy "Christian" or another "denomination", lol ;)

Anyway, she was a nice perosn, but there was an increasing feeling of, something horrible being around her. One day in town I saw folk flinching and getting out of her way, even tourists, who couldn't have known her, but there was nothing to explain such behaviour as she was nice in person, manners and appearance. She was saying the "thing" was leaving her drained and tired though, why anyone would allow such a thing to "haunt" them is beyond me.

From what a friend told me, and from other bits and bobs, while this was going on, a local farmer had chased a coven off his land one night at the end of a shotgun,and I do NOT mean Wiccans or other such harmless folks. I mean actual black magic. Most such assholes are just using it as an excuse for sexual kinks and illicit thrills, some though, are more dangerous.

One night our friend came into our house and the sensation of evil was overpowering. My mum said she saw mist forming on the floor and it got terribly cold, I instead looked up, and saw "it".

The ceiling seemed to recede far into the distance like one of the trick shots they do in some films. There was a loathsome darkness, filled with floating "eyes", or souls, and it looked at me, I mean relaly looked at me.
When you look at another perosn, you do see somewhat into them as a person, you know that's a person, and usually, their feelings etc. If you look into the eyes of some of the mentally unhinged or foul, you know that's not "right".

Well, looking into the "eyes" of "Evil", not only did I know it recognized me, I realized it was incredibly intelligent. I used to be bloody clever, this was a lot smarter than me by orders of magnitude.
I it was all ego, hate, nihilism, it wanted everything corrupted and destroyed. it didn't want ot rule, but to infect (with it's hate/nihilism) and destroy all creation. And it was "alien", now, I do not mean "alien from another planet", no, I mean completely bloody "wrong", you cannot imagine that, nor knowing that it was sentinet/intelligent...you cna't imagine such things. They *are real*.

I have a great imagination, stories art etc, but it's MY imagination, you cannot imagine things that are "alien", completely outside the normal world.

Incredibly distressing.

Sometime later a relative came to visit, and the town now gave her the creeps, we hadn't discussed this, she said it soon as we saw her.

I mostly shut this episode out of my mind as it was too horrible. Then years later I was reading a comic and saw a depiction of a demonic being, a "darkness with eyes" which they called a "Lloigor". Brought it all back.
The comic was just released ("Zenith" storyline in 2000AD). This was long before the Net, and so years later I looked this name up, wondering how they knew of what I had saw, was it a coincidence? In the fictional Mythos of H P Lovecraft, a writer had described the "Lloigor" as living in the borders of Scotland. Now I hadn't read any such book, I knew damn well what ones I had as I loved reading and had a hell of a memory. Kind of horror books I was reading back then were James Herbert, not Lovecraft. You can read about this stuff here, not the critter I saw bar the "Zenith" description:

obviously, fictional, various writers adding/changing the entire idea/description over time. But, the image of "darkness with eyes", that wasn't done until the comic version, which occured long after me seeing the damn thing.

Now If was was trying to hoodwink folk or build myself up in their eyes, I wouldn't mention such a thing, but I'm almost pathologically honest, lol ;)

I just think people have touched up on this horrible thing at times.

This is the thing I believe responsible for much of Man's woes. No it can't make people do evil deeds, but it can influence them. It is a horror of despair and nihilism. Killing by poison and suffocation are it's favourites, the lack of life, the lack of energy. Suicide murders are "good" for it too, the killer is dead and can't redeem themselves and leave nothing but pain and hate behind it, that's how it works, by spreading hate and fear and pain, pushing weak folk into doing evil things.

Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman, call it what you will. It is the enemy of All that exists.


Been a few other minor things as well, but that's the main "soild" ones. I leave you to sort things out for yourself. Idiots that sneer, are ignorant.

From my experiences, our world of Causality, of Time, is not the way spirits etc work. We are anchored in it, they are not.

Despite all the recent stupid crap, Good and Evil are real. Alas for centuries, bigots and zealots used them as tools, and were used by Evil. They demanded that they and they alone knew and controlled passage to "God". Jeesh *rolls eyes*. Ants do not build and own the motorway, but they can make it a messier place...

Trying for moderation is good, but not when it goes too far into cowardice. Zealotry is just fear, cowardice and ego gone mad.

Life's never easy, but it's up to the individual to walk it THEIR way, all you have the right to do is offer assistance,and try to stop those who'd do actual harm, not things you dislike, but actual harm, and even then you have to be damn careful. You CANNOT fight Evil with Evil, because only Evil wins! Evil begets evil. "By their fruits ye shall know them"

People in groups get more and more mad and stupid, the group becomes everything, the ethos it's meant to be about is ignored as increasing the group's power, destroying its enemies becomes paramount. It leads to a cycle of incestous, spiralling madness, we've seen it form the boardrooms of the banks, the crematoria of Auschwitz.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, you are sleep walking your way to Hell. Not the "Hell of the Churches", but ignoring every damn wonderful thing we have, that makes us Human, turning a wonderful world into a rubbish dump and our souls into haunted shadows. Of selling your souls for cheap geegaws. Of being afraid of petty little idiots and following them regardless of common sense, to the point you support evil deeds, torture, wars, mass murder, robbery on grand scales, pollution that wrecks continents....


Anyway, as a fella once said "May your God, go with you" :)

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