In the valley, cold and misty, the faintest glimmers of morning light caressed the highest roofs.
And 'fore even cock could crow, the dragon from mountain peaks did assail,
With no warning, soundless flew, it's carmine mail, and wings like galleon's largest sail.
Fires of hell blew like a gale, wood and stone burned into melting hail.


One poor soul, his work attending, flashed with preternatural flame,
And of him, but shadows on a wall now remain.
In line of death, the village dying, split in twain by fearsome blaze.

The thunder clap of the dragon's passing split windows from their frames,
And this awoke those not burned and dead from their beds.

Swooping low, the fearsome drake swooped over river,
That burst assunder, as if fearing the beast's heated grace.

Sparks and embers over whole place blew, until inferno grew...
The wizard at his breakfast sat there eating, while spying in mystic meeting,
His temper not fair pleasing, at what his crystal brought to his gazing.

And soon they came a greeting, heroes from far meetings,
Bearing greetings, asking aid for honest vengeance seeking.

Lord Aldoriss, mighty holy warrior,
Andar Ten Blade, dwarf of battles cleaving,
Athielle, priestess of morning glory,
Mako, halfling fond of thieving.

"Please come with us", they asked in earnest, of Silverblade old and weary.

Still a jacket of dark leather wearing, collar high, but above the eyebrows,
Silver thick amongst his hair.

But though he was chary, still some honour he did carry,And with them he did tarry.

At last unto the mountains, grey and ancient, harsh and wide, came the heroes.

Passing first through ruined dwellings, ghosts still screaming of nighmare pain.

Up the valley, now ascending, until death was near over bearing,
Boulders large like sling shots came, rumbling tumbling, like deadly hail,
Not even mail strong and dwarven, that avalanche could escape,
But brightly flashing, the rocks stopped tumbling, smashing into, prismatic wall,
Like a rainbow, blazing glory, a hundred yards across the path.

Above them goblins, thinking strangers buried,
Ran down slope, picks to cope with rocks and living,
But there came a deadly killing, spells and steel flashed havoc's glory,
And down to Hell went goblins gory.

Unto caverns jagged, wicked darkly, five arrived and took their ease,
For the dragon they knew lie a sleeping, for three weeks it would stay their keeping,
Thoughts of gold and eaten cattle, snoring like a dwarven battle.

Mako's talents were deadly needed, or else they would soon be beheaded,
Wicked traps, lay hid about, made no doubt by eaten prisoners.

Into cave most wide and bright lit, filled by fire from lava pit.

And the dragon was deep in dreaming, like a wall of blood red iron,
Stretched the wyrm who killed the village.

Quite now, in a magic safekeeping, least the dragon hear them creeping,
They set plans for slaying quickly.

And then quite sudden, Lord Aldoriss, was wrapped in sheathing,
Unseeen and unbreakably sorcerous!

The dragon now awoken, roared one cry, that split the cave clear to the sky!
"Hold your deadly breathing, we have now the villain,
And leave him in your keeping!"

The others did look amazed, as Silverblade spoke unto raging dragon,
"Lord Aldoriss he is the reason, that mighty drake is insane beyond all reason,
He sent in thieves that caused madly grief, by killing the giant lady's dearest kin."
And sure enough, under one wing, a smaller body, pierced by lances' sting.


And granite shook as the wrym growling spoke.


"I have a Ring of Wishing, though youth is what I'm needing,
I'll give life unto your children, right now it should be bringing."
And sure enough, under one wing, a smaller body now began to sing.

Taking their leave, the heroes asking, why man of honour had done this thing?
"Power it's madness was a ringing in his ears for to make him king,
He would still a dragon's singing. Stirred by wrath, he brought us down this path,
Hoping to win a mighty kingdom, for the dragon's hoard is worth ten armies,
And our necks he'd then be wringing, and with our pockets he'd be clinging.

And all this I do know, for though most love a blade to cleave the foe,
Or staff of magi or mithril chain,
A simple ring I'm always wearing, for thoughts it gains, from other's brains!"
And another spell fell like unseen grain, and in the minds of those around,
Things were not the same again. The ring it had to be kept a secret!

So down the valley they once more strode,
Though their memories when at last were told,
Spoke of halfling's hidden talents, to find lies in knights not so gallant.

It is said that in the mountains, there is still screaming,
It's also said that wyrm had for safekeeping,
A wand of polymorphing, and a ring of troll like,