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  In the heat of battle, folk do run or magically escape. On a planet, it's usually much easier to see them, and in Wildspace, mostly there's no where to run to (short of Teleporting).

  However, in asteroid fields, folk can jump from one rock to another if they are some what close (you can jump very far in Wildspace, no air resistance, and gravity is often weird), or use magic. Thus fights in such areas can turn into complex three dimensional hunts and skirmishes.

  And for those used to more "normal" ideas of space, where folk would flash freeze, explode etc without space suits...

  "Adventures in Wildspace!" is based on the "Spelljammer" fantasy space setting for Dungeons and Dragons ©. Below is an illustration I made showing how the bizarre nature of gravity works in Spelljammer.
The larger ship, a neogi Deathspider, is the largest of the two objects, so it forces it's gravity plane onto the smaller one, when close.

  The Deathspider's gravity plane is a flate plane, orientated through it's longest direction. The decks below the middle of the ship have gravity reversed, so the ceiling is the floor!

  It also forces this onto the smaller Tradesman ship, who's deck now becomes a vertical wall, as the crew fall!

  This means that on an asteroid, typically, one side will be "up", and the other the reverse, like a coin with folk walking on the top or bottom, with the sides dangerous walls, or bang on the middle an area where you can float and bob in the middle.

  So fighting in Wildspace is very weird, complex and allows tricky manouvers impossible in our world.

  Note these are general rules, there's rare, even weirder, dangerous exceptions...

gravity plane description



Spelljammer and Dungeons and Dragons are copyright Wizards of the Coast. This work is not endorsed or sanctioned by them.
This art and writing though, are my creations.

It is not-for-profit fan-art and fiction, and is thus hopefully not gonna get my ass in a hook ;)