Krandle "Headshot" Froststone
Decurion Martilus
NOTES: The Mindful Cutlass is the ship on which our heroes travel. Several different render types, so you can enjoy according to your own tastes :).
The ship is an improved Squidship, having the following benefits: +1 SR (Arcane improvement), +1 Manouverability Class (improved design). It's armed with 5 Medium ballistas, a +2 medium Catapult, and a +1 Shocking Burst Light Ballista of Distance on the starboard bow nicknamed "Flow Hammer", and the Ram is Keen +1. Spells and runes give it Fire Resist 15 as equal to a lvl 3 spell, lvl 15 caster. Not all weapons are neccesarily crewed or used in battle, though.

Adventures in Wildspace! Mindful Cutlass 2


Mindful Cutlass A


Mindful Cutlass B


Mindful Cutlass C


Mindful Cutlass E

Wildspace - Mindful Cutlass - Layout

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